Multifunctional cyclette with double action, it lets you having arms and legs moving at the same time.
The right balance of strength while workout is distributed over all your muscles, in benefit of your joints.

Ideal solution to keep yourself in shape and to strengthen all your body breathing clean air.

Thanks to the higher power generated and the mechanical, Gymsurf can move over the water faster then other similar solutions.

Basic model charateristics and specifications:
- Overall measurements (Length-Width) cm. 300X150
- Surface capacity lt. 300
- Propeller diameter and pitch 9 1/4" - 10" - 11" - 12"
- Reverse gear option  
- Weight Kg. 55
- Max capacity Kg. 100
- Max propeller revs 800/rpm
- Max speed km/h 12
Fixed handlebars - Computer with various functions - gym-based kit
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